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Twin Tier Trail Riders

To All:  I was able to talk with Bill Meehan (ranger at Sugar Hill) and Gretchen Cicora (Regional Manager of the State Forests). The UMP has been sent to Albany & verbally approved, but they still have not received the plan back to them. I told them that we were willing to support the building of the tie stalls with funds. I hope that the plan moves forward, but we are dealing with a state that has a lot of financial problems. We can hope for the best. I will keep you posted.

On another note, Jim & Lucy Grimes brought to our attention that there is a Keuka Lake Outlet Trail group who maintain the Dresden trail, for horse use as well as other purposes. We, as a club, decided to donate $75 to the group for trail maintenance. I think it’s important to put effort or funds towards trails. The club does some trail clearing & we also offer financial support for projects. If anyone else knows of a worthwhile project or group, please send a note or call a club officer. We will consider other donations.

We are all looking forward to spring & riding. Hope to see you out there soon. Happy trails.


Linda Hendricks

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Linda  Hendricks                                                                                     121 Main Street 
Van Etten, New York 14889



Senator Charles Schumer

757 3rd Avenue

Suite 17-02

New York, New York 10017


Dear Senator Schumer,

     It has come to my attention that the new budget may not be able to financially support trails for

horses and other outdoor enthusiasts. Please realize that trails like this are the heritage of future

generations, and do all in your power to finance them.

     I belong to a club of horse trail riders in Upstate New York. We all feel this way. Thank you for your

Consideration in this matter.



                                                                                      Linda Hendricks               

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Twin Tier Trail riding Club presented some implements to the Six Nations Trail System located west of Watkins Glen. This area has 12,000 acres and has trails for both horseback riding, snowmobiles and cross country skiing. Forest Ranger Bill Meehan accepted the shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows for the park. They will be used to keep the tie stalls clean by all the users of the horse camping area. The trail club has been in existence for 20 years and share the interest of trail riding horses. The members, about 150, come mostly from southern tier New York and northern tier Pennsylvania. We have two meetings a year, one a year end party and one in January when we plan our riding schedule for the year. There are many areas available for trail riding and it gives us a chance to meet friends with whom to ride.

If anyone would like more information, please call Linda Hendricks 607-342-3534 or check out our web

site http:/ /twintiertrailriders2009.tripod.com/




There has been a plan approved for the building of

Three more sets of tie stalls.

Twin Tier Trail Riding Club has raised money to

Donate to the state for this project.

We would like your help in this endeavor.

If you use this trail system and would like to see improvements, please send a check to TTTR


c/o Linda Hendricks 121 Main St., Van Etten, New York 14889

See our web site for more information



To Become A TTTR Member: Add $5



Donation to Sugar Hill Tie Stall Project:______________




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Julie Lonberg, Kelly Clark & I went to a meeting held by DEC on the Twin Sheds area – Hammond Hill and Yellow Barn. This meeting invited public comment by way of poster boards for participants to write their concerns. There were about 85 people in attendance, many of them horse people.

They would like to see written feedback on any area in Region 7, which includes Danby & Shindaggin Hollow. Send any comments to John Clancy jmclancy@gw.dec.state.ny.us


Nutrena Bag Info:
Here's what we need from Nutrena products.

The sewn-on grain tags that include the product description from:

Life Design, Vality, Legacy, Safe Choice, LiteBalance, XTN, Empower, Triumph, Horse Kwik, NW Stretch Hay Extender, Naturewise Farmstore feeds, Cargill Milk Plus, Dairyway/Dairy Focus Feeds, all other Nutrena grain products.

The UPC label from the bags of pet food: Loyall Pet Food, River Run

We get 50 cents a label for Empower, around 35 cents for the other labels.

For more info Please contact Carol @ crj1@frontiernet.net

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Dear Equestrian Partners:


Back Country Horsemen of America, in cooperation with the American Horse Council, is asking for reports on horse trail closures and access issues on federal lands.  AHC needs to document these losses of trail riding opportunities in order to show Congress that Right to Right legislation is truly needed.


Reports should be emailed to Steve Didier, BCHA Public Lands Chair [steve.didier@gmail.com].


Details about the required information and format may be found in the following information provided in an email disseminated earlier by Mr. Didier.



Reporting Equestrian Trail Closures or Access Issues on Federal Land


The reduction of trails, trail heads and the closure of public lands to horses and pack animals is a growing problem. The American Horse Council and its member organizations are working to address this issue on federal lands with the introduction of legislation that will protect the rights of historic and traditional recreational users of public land such as equestrians.


No effort to pass such legislation will be successful unless evidence can be supplied that clearly demonstrates the scope of the problem and the need for action on the part of Congress.  The AHC is asking for documented examples of trails or entire areas that have been closed to equestrians on federal land (National Forest Service, National Parks Service, and Bureau of Land Management), due to administrative decisions, lack of maintenance or any other reason.


Examples need to include the following information:


1. Name and address of individual reporting closure —In order to identify that person or group as constituents of certain members of Congress if needed.


2. Jurisdiction —National Park, National Forest, Bureau of Land Management.


3. Location —Specific national park, forest, ranger district, etc and trail or trail system if applicable.


4. Stated reason for closure —Environmental impact, user conflict, maintenance issue, re classification. 


5. Process associated with closure —Was public comment solicited or accepted, was environmental impact study preformed, etc.   


6. History of equestrian use —If available.


7. Any additional relevant details —Such as volunteer work performed by equestrian group on trail, user conflict, etc.


Steven Didier [mailto:steve.didier@gmail.com]